We are

…a team of designers, builders & thinkers who craft digital experiences.

We have

 a highly competent in house team of developers trained to create from scratch, program and install any web based application or platform, guided by efficient project managers.

We love

marketing and technology and believe in their power at the service of brands.

Case Studies



People will get informed, talk and influence decisions about your products. Brands should cooperate and encourage all that talking. Believe in your power and embrace the new reality.

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Our project management team has one single goal – to ensure our client’s satisfaction. To achieve this our projects are based on 3 factors – quality, delivery and fair pricing.

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To think digital design and user experience is to bear in mind that whatever parts are developed, the user will interact and socialize with them…

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To ensure high quality and on-time/on-budget projects, our development team is involved in all the steps of a project, from the early brainstorming stages to the successful launch.

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Delivering our message and engaging with consumers is critical. To provide a service of excellence in such a specific area of expertise, Monday has an equity partnership with Trillium Interactive.

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Digital projects provide the ability to constantly measure the performance of our work and implement corrective or boost actions.

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