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Here at Monday, we tend to work on different and exciting projects. So what’s our secret sauce? What did we do that was so special for our clients?

Let’s start from the beginning. We are a digital agency called Monday and we work on Customer Experience Transformation. You may not have heard of us, we are the ones working behind the scenes. But we guarantee that you’ve used some products that we designed.

In 2017, Full Fabric a company that provides hands on experience in higher education technology hired us to help them transform and design their website into a polished client acquisition platform. As we always do, we started meeting with our client and invite him to be a part of the team. To truly know your clients needs and their product there as to be a 2 ways communication and partnership.

We did their new user experience, built their new website, iconography and visual representation. After a few tweaks and under 8 weeks the project was done.

In July 2017 the site was live and after just one month on the air Full Fabric already had increased their users by 43% and their sessions over 38%.

Once again our customer experience transformation made what it was intended to, create value to our client in terms of their website.

Let’s talk about some specs

It looks different. In a market over crowded, we had to find a way to identify Full Fabric easily. Working with their vibrant blue combined with pure white and of course white space we gave them a pro look with a friendly approach and a easy recognized image.

Natural and intuitive

Being a huge platform with different solutions we needed to show them in a approachable way and how easy they are to be used. We created simple illustrations so everyone could perceive the benefits of Full Fabric. Our intention was always to show how beautiful and user-friendly Full Fabric interface is.

Maintenance & Growth

So what comes next? After the conclusion of the project we are in this moment working on maintenance & growth of Full Fabric. But why? Because no project is always finished, the market is on constant changing and we are working with Full Fabric on continuously perfecting their website.

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