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Designed specifically to meet the needs of higher education, Full Fabric offers solutions for recruitment and admissions, student management and alumni management. Powerful alone, and even better when used together.


The challenge was big but we started like any other project – inviting our client to be a part of the team. We always put communication and partnership first, to truly understand our client’s product and their needs.

“We gave managers total control over reporting with a minimalistic design that helps numbers and relevant info to truly stand out.”

Michael Nunes

Creative Director at Monday

Enhancing knowledge

To make sure it does what it was intended to do and create value, when the project settled down we kept working on Full Fabric. That’s because at Monday, no project is finished – the market is constantly changing. We continue to work with Full Fabric to maintain and improve their website.

A higher education solution that provides a hands-on experience

With our approach based on experience transformation, we studied the platform to understand the solutions that it provides for clients. This allowed us to communicate Full Fabric’s value proposition to users and the market. When we showed the advantages it brings to education in a simple way, we created more conversions of users booking demos.

For that purpose, we created clean illustrations so everyone could see the benefits of Full Fabric. Not only does this create beautiful visuals, but it also allowed us to show how user-friendly Full Fabric’s interface is.

How we stood out from the competition

The experience you give your customers through online channels is key to your success. We help you transform that experience and turn it into your most valuable asset.

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Business consulting , Experience Design


Business consulting , Experience Design

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