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Each brand is unique, and each brand has their own needs – Gallo Worldwide is no different. When brands like this approach us, we know that the initial focus should be on the process, and on the understanding of how their needs will be met. We know that there is not one solution that fits all.


Gallo Worldwide challenged us to co-create their new website. Other than just being a boring showreel of their products, they wanted it to become more educational, while also being able to demonstrate their portfolio and product quality, without losing their essence and tradition.

They also needed a modular structure in order to adapt to nine countries where the brand operates.

What Gallo gained with us

  • Finding the right words

    Our primary challenge was to explain the different type of emotions users have during their search of content. This meant focusing heavily on UX writting for emotional states.

  • Ready to outshine the competition

    With our team focusing on clear type, copy, and a modern design, we created a simple and striking website to make Gallo even more delicious to the world.

  • Solving the limitation of mobile imagery

Building a strong and visual presence.


Experience Design

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Business consulting , Experience Design

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