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Brand Strategy

Brand Design

More than a hotel group

A strong brand is born from investment, dedication, and know-how of a solid, dynamic and prepared team.


Monday created the hotel group’s brand identity with an intense strategy and analysis prior to the designs. To support the new brand’s launch, we designed a wide variety brand materials, from signs and roll-ups to flyers.


NAU Hotels & Resorts is anchored on a strategic link between digital and physical, respecting all steps in the hotel industry. The ambition to be a distinct operator required a new brand identity and image for the group.

Inspired by tradition

Influenced by Portugal’s history and its strong connection to the sea, the logo is based on the sails of a vessel which leads to the discovery of new places. We wanted to emphasize the values of elegance, sobriety and harmony through the combination of elements and color choice. The font was designed exclusively for the group, creating a distinctive brand image.

“Throughout the process, getting to know the brand was crucial to the success of the website’s redesign.”

Michael Nunes

Creative Director at Monday


Experience Design

Águas de Cascais

Business consulting , Experience Design

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