A new rebranding for Splink

How we repositioned the MyLads brand through a new rebranding and a value proposition suited to the internationalization strategy.


Brand strategy, Naming and Visual identity


Brand Strategy and Brand Positioning, Communication Strategy, Brand support


MyLads is a technology company working in the sports industry, in the fan engagement segment, since 2020, that promotes Augmented Reality experiences to create a greater connection between the public and their favorite sports teams.

The brand operated in the domestic market, but when they decided to bet on an internationalization strategy, they realized that the brand name could present negative connotations in the Anglo-Saxon market. Monday was challenged to reposition the brand, through a new rebranding and a value proposition suited to the internationalization strategy.



Monday’s planning involved developing the brand identity, naming, signature and communication strategy for the new MyLads brand that was to be launched in the UK market.


1. Inspiration: understanding of the current business model and value proposition

To define the new identity it was fundamental to understand the “why behind the brand” and to better understand the business model and its value proposition.

    • Understand the current business model
    • Identify key competitors
    • Value proposition and points of differentiation
    • Analysis of relevant internal information

2. Ideation: Generating ideas for the naming of the new brand

Based on the insights gathered in the previous phase, we held an ideation session where we generated multiple ideas for this brand and for what it could become, both in terms of positioning and naming.

We revisited and organized all the information collected and started to prioritize, converge and ideate for the main branding challenges identified.

MyLads needed a comprehensive name that reflected the analog and digital versions of the brand. We came up with the name Splink – derived from “Sport Link” – which reflects the nature of the company’s mission: to connect sports teams with their fans. Splink seeks to create unique experiences and memories in the form of official, interactive sports collectibles.


3. Brand identity: Definition of the brand’s visual identity

In this phase we created the new brand, defining its visual identity, taking into account the goal of the rebranding of MyLads: to enter new strategic countries.

What is mandatory for the new brand?

  • To be gender neutral
  • Allow presence in sports and non-sports universe
  • Be Emotional, Close, Energetic and Friendly

What are the characteristics of a strong brand?

  • An easy, aspirational identity
  • A clear area perception
  • An ever present brand voice

Branding plays a big role because it defines the essence of the brand at all touch points.


 To define a conceptual path, we defined graphic references that illustrate the visual universe we recommend for the new brand, building the pillars of it.

To define a conceptual path, we defined graphic references that illustrate the visual universe we recommend for the new brand, building the pillars of the brand.


Brand Identity

Once we have defined the strategic pillars of the new brand and the moodboard, we enter the design and identity creation phase itself.


Energy, fun, community: A strong visual attraction

We establish the graphic expression of the brand, defining elements such as the logo, main colors, and examples of how the brand can be applied in web and mobile environments.

Unity, passion, community: United by a symbol

More than just a logo, the MyLads brand needed a symbol to inspire, fall in love, and create a sense of belonging. This symbol will be the representation and materialization of the brand’s values and mission.


Brand Strategy

Once the moodboard and the identity of the new brand were defined, we entered the phase of defining its communication territory, defining aspects such as its tone of voice and recommendations about the type of touchpoints that should be established.

We build a document with the main guidelines and recommendations addressing points such as:

  • Tagline 
  • Voice Tone
  • Recommended Communication Channels

4. Implementation: Development of communication guidelines and brandbook for implementation of the brand in the digital environment

In this phase we brought the new brand to life, implementing it in the digital communication supports (desktop and mobile) and also the development of the brandbook.


 Once the brand creation phase is complete, it is essential to create a brandbook that ensures the brand is applied correctly. Elements such as brand versions, colors, typography, behavior on backgrounds, minimum and maximum dimensions, possible uses, and restrictions have been defined.

This document is fundamental to ensure brand consistency in the future.


What did they gain from us?

We ensured the creation of a new identity for this brand, with an appealing design aligned with its purpose and values. We built the strategic pillars of the brand and strengthened the image of MyLads – now Splink – So real it feels unreal.

— Gathering relevant insights about the business model, competition, and value proposition

— A brand and visual identity that mirrors its values

— A logo that fits the sports area and an international name

— All design materials developed

— Final brand artwork and brandbook


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