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The perfect combination for the two sides of Twix


With a creative story, Twix wanted to show the world its two chocolate bars. After several fights between both sides, there was a need to impose a choice: which is your favorite? And with the will to expose their equal inequalities, we launched a divided website that is united by the flavor!


The brand needed a fun and young website that would integrate the international campaign. Monday added usability. The user navigates through an animated website that is adapted to different devices in an intuitive and fun navigation.

Two sides to the story

We developed different elements for each side, integrated in a dynamic and fun way, to enhance communication of the brand and create a distinctive and engaging website. On mobile, the user can navigate between the left side and the right side. This way, all the contents are clearly divided, but we kept the experience fun.




Experience Design

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Business consulting , Experience Design

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