Creating a fun cliff diving experience with Red Bull

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The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, established in 2009 by Red Bull, is an annual series of cliff diving events which only a limited number of competitors can take part in.


Monday was invited to create the official website for Red Bull Cliff Diving Azores 2015 to communicate the event to Portuguese audiences.

To make it fun and dynamic, we developed the Dive Face campaign where Red Bull fans could support and participate in the Dive Face GIF contest.

What Gallo gained with us

  • Finding the right words

    Our primary challenge was to explain the different type of emotions users have during their search of content. This meant focusing heavily on UX writting for emotional states.

  • Ready to outshine the competition

    With our team focusing on clear type, copy, and a modern design, we created a simple and striking website to make Gallo even more delicious to the world.

  • Solving the limitation of mobile imagery

With more than 47,000 visits, the Dive face platform earned us Website of The Year 2015 on Prémios Sapo.


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