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  • Águas de Cascais
  • 2018
  • Business Strategy
  • UX/UI
  • Web Design
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A design language made for people.

We’ve challenged Águas de Cascais back, by not going the usual way (conceptualize the site, create a few variants and go for the one the customer likes) but instead making a proposal by which we’d start by studying the whole business model of the industry, how people within the company interact and add value, and finally identifying and analyzing the most important interactions between the company and the consumers and how well do the inherent processes and workflows fulfill its goals. And only then, start working on the UX/UI of the website, focused on the lessons learned during this process and optimizing for holistic customer experience.


Our challenge was accepted and embraced. The project started with a one-week immersion involving Monday’s business design team and people from all hierarchical and functional levels of Águas de Cascais, mostly anyone that played any part on any customer process, from marketing to sales, from maintenance to billing, from the top to the bottom of the pyramid.


The lessons learned during this process revealed that the work of the experience design team should focus on turning the website into the single source of knowledge and truth on everything related to the company’s services so that customers could find any information they might need quickly, simply and thoroughly explained. From doubts regarding their invoice to cancel their contracts.

A website that responds to any need a consumer might have and incentivises self-care practices.

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