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A clean and flexible navigation to take customer experience to a whole new level.

Climber is a hotel revenue management tool that provides independent hoteliers optimal, dynamic pricing using local data and customer analytics.
For Climber we have developed a series of workshops to identify problems and find solutions, putting the consumer at the center of the experience. We used everything from immersion to business models, through the design of the value proposition, to the experience design of the software and the website.

With revamping the UX of the product in mind, we created a new platform for a more relevant interaction with the users’.

With this process, it became very apparent that the focus should be a platform that responds to critical customer needs. A completely new product with a simple and flowing navigation, a more visual and accessible interface, and features that take customer experience to a whole new level.

When we were at a Design-oriented level we have several thoughts that were essential; We shouldn’t put any barriers to the day-to-day work, so we started to create a platform that is equally inviting but practical at the same time, with easy-to-use controls and customizable options.
Also by giving the managers total control over reporting with a minimalistic design, it helped the numbers and relevant information stand out.
In addition by knowing that the information is king, we designed a clean platform that became essential for putting the analytical information more prominent and make user workflows effortless.

We gave managers total control over reporting with a minimalistic design that helps numbers and relevant info to truly stand out.

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