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A higher education solution that provides hands-on experience.

The challenge was big but we started like any other project, inviting our client to be a part of the team. To truly know your client’s needs and their product we always put first communication and partnership.

With our experience transformation approach, we started to study the platform to know its solutions. Only this way we can communicate Full Fabric’s value proposition to the final users and to the market. When we decided to show in a simple way the different advantages it brings to the education market, we were capable of creating more conversions for users to book a demo. For that purpose, we created clean illustrations so everyone could perceive the benefits of Full Fabric. By that, we not only create a beautiful mood but we show how user-friendly Full Fabric interface is.
To make what it was intended to, create value to our client in terms of their website, when the project settles down we kept working on maintenance and growth of Full Fabric. That’s because, at Monday, no project is finished, the market is on constant changing and we are always working with Full Fabric to improving their website.

In just one month on the air the new Full Fabric already had increased their users 43% and their sessions over 38%.

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