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  • Portugal Trails
  • 2014
  • Experience Strategy
  • User research
  • Interactive design
  • User Experience
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A trail in the name of revenue

Portugal Trails® is a platform of touristic itineraries that offers a unique, comprehensive and personalized set of services to tourists all over the globe. With 20,000 monthly users, Portugal Trails® allows people to discover Portugal and Spain.

Our method based on Business design and Experienced design made us redesign a new visual experience for Portugal Trails®. That way we achieved a more contemporary look by combining a visual harmony with a functional approach. These two factors remain very important as the service must be appealing for the tourist yet useful.
With the user always on mind, our team creates an intuitive and clean composition to make their interaction effortless. With this focus, we can provide an easy interactivity for non-tech users.
In the end, by representing complex forms into approachable and easy to read schemes via clean design methodology, we could improve the user experience from tourists all over the world.

With our approach, we increased by 74% the number of users who visit the site monthly and a 78% increase in the number of requests for proposals.

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