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GoldNutrition was looking for a partner to build their new digital home. They wanted to better connect with their consumers and to build a better visual brand presence. The underlying desire was to grow its user experience and have a full e-commerce experience.


GoldNutrition’s goal is to create quality products that fit life any time, anywhere in the world. Our work with GoldNutrition began by understanding their values and how they wanted to impact the world. It all starts by innovating, building trust, quality products and having a close relationship with consumers.

The paradox of choice

We gave consumers an easy and quick way to choose what they needed. We wanted to eliminate any struggle to make a decision.

To rebuild GoldNutrition’s website we needed to understand what the brand needed, for the site to incorporate its design and style. The result was a website focused on enhancing both content and the brand voice.

What Gold Nutrition gained with us

  • UX based on user emotional moments

    Our primary challenge was to create every user flow to capture the real touchpoints for the overall experience. Building upon this the UX Copy architecture.

  • Mixing aspirational with purchase content

    Mixing aspirational with purchase content. To enhance the purchase decision we presented users with athletes opinion in crucial UX areas.

  • Design system to enhance their communication.

How we stood out from the competition

Our approach to GoldNutrition’s needs:

  • Defined UX strategy upon the paradox of choice: what do users need to know?

  • Conducted user moments UX tests to predict how Goldnutrition’s touch points would impact user behavior

  • Built and studied user personas to better define the UX strategy


Business consulting , Experience Design

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Business consulting , Experience Design

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